Emo 'Y M'mbondo Africa as the confederation of all mutuality groups of M'mbondo around the African continent, among the objectives of the EMAFRI is to contribute and promote social development initiatives in the Diaspora and the FIZITOMBWE territoire, the land of BaBembe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For this end EMAFRI encourages all sons and daughters of BaBembe involved in activities of economic development and entrepreneurship. We seek to mpromote the image of FIZITOMBWE to attract investors and traders to explore the land of BaBembe. Here are some of the BaBembe's organisations and companies working both for peace building and social-economic development, and fight against poverty.

AfriDev Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Radio Ngoma ya Amani FIZI

Vision for Development of Fizi


Université Espoir du Congo

The Nyamangyoku Holdings

La ZAC de Baraka