Peace and security crucial for development

For all the efforts that may be put in place to bring about development in any territory, peace and security are crucial elements to make such aspiration a reality. Both investors and development donor agencies would not put their funds where there is no guarantee that the proposed projects and/or business plan would be implemented/executed hence hoping for a return on investment. Therefore whenever we talk of social economic development we cannot shy away from talking peace and security – thus talking political stability.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo as a country has gone through very difficult times in the past decades and the territory of FIZI and ITOMBWE, the land of BaBembe has not been an exception to the violence that have crippled the country and the region. However the sons and daughters of the region have been waking up and realsing that their people have suffered enough and it s time for all this to change. The gospel has to be preached, that of peace, reconciliation and development.