Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo Africa is the coordinating structure of all Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo mutuality groups on the African continent. Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo Africa as a confederation it has member structures in the Eastern and Southern Africa region and certain provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo is a come together initiative by all BaBembe where and when they find themselves out of the land of Búbembe (FIZI-ITOMBWE). This mutuality association is always setup to enable BaBembe outside their homeland to help each other in solidarity, share experience and learn from each other as they live away from their homeland. Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo cannot exist inside the boundaries of FIZI-ITOMBWE territories.

For years our forefathers whom for different reasons they found themselves away from our homeland, they came up with the idea of forming mutuality groups to help them preserve our cultural practices and traditions, our language and mutual assistance. Among the very first countries in which Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo mutuality groups were first formed this include Burundi and Tanzania and territories of the DR Congo outside FIZI-ITOMBWE. Today these mutuality groups play key role in connecting the Diaspora and the homeland.

However, with many of these mutuality groups encountering many organisational challenges and not being able to move beyond, there was a need to have a structure that will bring all these groups together and act as the authorised voice of the BaBembe mutuality groups on the African continent. The confederation has to conduct researches and studies on the developmental needs of our community both in Diaspora and in our homeland. The confederation designs, develops and implements development projects. It organises open day workshops/summits to promote trade and investment for FIZI-ITOMBWE. And assists local organisations working in community development to secure funding/grants and implement their projects.

Visions and Mission Statements

Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo Africa envisions becoming leaders in the development of BaBembe homeland (FIZI-ITOMBWE) and play leading role in the peace building and stability in the region. With our moto being: Emo (Unity) – Lú’úndo (Love) – Makéléléshú (Development).