FIZI-ITOMBWE is the geopolitical appellation comprising of the territory of FIZI and the sector of ITOMBWE, and this is known as the Land of BaBembe or Búbembe in the Kibembe language (a language spoken by the BaBembe). For a very long time the history and stories of BaBembe nation have been being told by people who do not know much about this nation. Some because of their professional commitments others deliberately wanting to write otherwise the history of this nation have all embarked on a deliberate journey to distorting the history of BaBembe. However as it is said to everything there is an end. And today we would like to put an end to this mischievous practice that has been going on for a very long time. Sons and daughters of BaBembe would like to dedicate on this website particular pages to publish articles and publications about our very own people. Our own history as lived by our forefathers and our land.

We are BaBembe people and our land is called Búbembe. Please browse through the tabs under this menu to read and correct all erroneous knowledge you have about BaBembe and their land of Búbembe. Please feel free to contact the team of Emo ‘Ya M’mbondo Africa for more information and knowledge base resources on our people and our land. There are books that are currently in bookstores now written by sons and daughters of BaBembe which can be of help to erase all false information you have been fed about this great nation. It is said also “until the lion learns to write his history, the story of the jungle will always favor the hunter”.

No one has the rights to erase and falsify a history of any nation, as it is said a people without history is like world without a soul! You are all invited to learn the history of BaBembe through their great men and women who have lived before us – that history can only be told by us, the children of those great men and women.