External Relations and Cooperation

Department of external relations, cooperation and communication

The department of external cooperation, public relations and communication envisions Mmbondo community that is politically, economically and harmoniously integrated in a peaceful and prosperous country (DRC), continent and the world. With that the mission is to develop strategies and programmes, whose objectives are to implement, monitor and evaluate Mmbondo community’s cooperation policy while clearly articulate such policy both inside the community and outside.

Among the function of the department, we have:

  • Contributing to the elaboration of Mmbondo’s cooperation policy;
  • Promoting good relations based on respect, mutual interests and complementarity between Mmbondo community and the rest of the world, aiming at enhancing peace, security and development;
  • Strengthening external cooperation extending them to even nations that have no historical relations with the nation of baBembe;
  • Promoting and protecting the interests of Fizi-Itombwe along with those of Mmbondo diaspora;
  • Mobilising and attracting foreign investments into Fizi-Itombwe, and making arrangements for products of Fizi-Itombwe to access foreign markets;
  • Mobilising Mmbondo diaspora, getting them involved in the development of our nation;
  • Nurture external relationships created in way of follow-ups of the implementation, the evaluation and updating of secured agreements;
  • Supervise and coordinate diplomatic activities of Mmbondo Africa
  • Develop and keep up good working relations created with the friends of Mmbondo Africa
  • Portrait a very positive image of Mmbondo Africa in the public domain
  • Communicate to the outside world all of the Mmbondo Africa endeavors