Internal and Cultural Affairs

Department of internal, cultural and social affairs

The purpose of this department is to coordinate all internal affairs of Mmbondo Africa. To oversee on both the security and safety of Mmbondo Africa members and their properties while respecting all relevant and known international laws and conventions. The department is dedicated to delivering high quality, accountable services safeguarding the rule of law and providing a secure environment to all members.

The department envisions an integrated, responsive and highly effective governance system for all member structures (Emos) to achieve sustainable development and improved service delivery for our people. The mission is to facilitate cooperative governance and support to all member structures (Emos), promote and preserve Mmbondo traditional and cultural heritage.

Among the functions of the department we have:

  • Develop and disseminate the sector policies, strategies and programmes
  • Regulate the sector and related sub-sectors
  • Develop capacities in view of social cohesion and nation building
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of sector and sub-sectors policies, strategies and programmes
  • Mobilise resources for the development of the sector and related programmes
  • Providing strategic interventions, support and partnerships to facilitate policy implementation within the member structures (Emos)
  • Creating enabling mechanisms for communities to participate in nation building